Qian Zhao


Hi I am Qian



About me:

Welcome to my personal gallery site!

I’ve always liked drawing, but my interests really started taking off in college when I started creating graphics and advertisements for student organizations. Getting that sweet student discount on the Adobe Creative Suite was my gateway into digital design. After college, I tried to maintain my artsy hobbies, and this website is primarily a collection of some of my favorite works from over the years.



Outside of the Arts:

Here are some quick autobiographical notes:

  • Born in a fertile floodplain in central China surrounded by desert.
  • Came to the US in ’98
  • Learned English by watching The Simpsons and Arthur
  • First computer game was Caesar III

After I finished my degree in Biochemistry, I did the most logical next step and went into IT. It was there I developed an interest in network monitoring, process automation, and writing technical documentation (yeah, seriously...) 

I currently work as a communication systems engineer for an orbital launch provider.  

During my spare time, besides art projects, I read, play the piano, and repeatedly type 'WASD'.